Aunt Dot Pays A Visit

It’s not often that we get visitors out here on the lonely, smoky West Coast. Despite the never-ending sunshine, glorious beaches and close proximity to the happiest place on earth (and the second happiest, even!) we never seem to make anyone’s itinerary. We were very excited, then, when Aunt Dot paid us a visit earlier this summer.

This was the first time that Emma and Henry had met a “great” on Marla’s side of the family. (Aunt Dot is Grandpa Mandel’s sister.) She stayed with us for three days and kept the kids quite entertained. Whether outside playing ball or inside eating Popsicles Aunt Dot was right there with them.

During her stay we also had a few visits from cousin Wyatt, who is now an engineer at Boeing in Long Beach, as well as his father Errol. Henry immediately took to Wyatt, as you might be able to tell.

We were sad to see Aunt Dot go when it was time for her to pack up and head back home but certainly glad for the visit.

So, dear reading relatives… which one of you will be next?

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