chop sticks and water fountains

A few weeks ago we went to P.F. Chang’s for dinner. I forget what the occassion was but we ended up having a blast, as you can see. Both Emma and Henry ate with abandon.

This is always a nice change of pace when it happens. Both of them tend to be picky eaters unless they’re being served something full of cheese or butter and preferably fried.

I’d like to think that they were expanding their culinary horizon, consciously choosing to take a risk and try something new.

Of course, if I thought that I’d be dead wrong.

They really were only interested in making as big a mess as possible with their chop sticks and, if some exotic cuisine happened to fall into their mouth in the process, so be it.

Following the Chinese adventure we entertained ourselves for a few hours with the many activities the Irvine Spectrum has to offer. I think this trip the many fountains beat out the carousel. Both Emma and Henry were fascinated by the sight of flowing water.

3 thoughts on “chop sticks and water fountains

  1. Ha, I love the ones of Emma falling into the bed. Also, is that baby not wearing pants? Also, I miss the Spectrum Center. If I tried going to an outside mall right now I’d burst into flame.

  2. No…he wasn’t wearing pants. We had actually had a full afternoon before meeting Todd at the Spectrum, and during it, Mr. Henry had had an explosive diaper. And good ol’ me didn’t have time to go home to get a change outfit! Lucky Henry. He got a new pair of shorts at Old Navy that night! Have to admit though…nice legs!

  3. Between that and the new outfit that Ms. Emma got on the way to the Carlsbad Flower Fields, I’m beginning to get the idea that many of your kids’ new outfits are the result of some disaster –explosive diaper, chocolate milk barf– while out in public. ;)

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