Charles Xavier Rogan

Normally when one sibling dumps a bucket of water on the other’s head there’s going to be trouble.

This time around, though, both parents and children were in a good mood and the water on the head only served to further lighten the mood during our visit with the Rogans, newly moved back to Seattle and newly blessed with a big bundle of joy.

Charles Xavier Rogan was born a strapping lad, shortly after their arrival in Seattle, and this was our first chance to meet him and see their new digs.

Matt played an excellent host and entertained Emma and Henry in the pool. They later retired to the play room for some smokin’ Geotrax fun.

At the end of the gallery there are a few shots of Mt. Rainier peeking out of the haze. If you’ve never been to Seattle “The Mountain” dominates the horizon pretty much everywhere you go in the summer. When discussing the weather it’s common to ask, “Is The Mountain out today?” (It stays hidden in the clouds for most of the fall, winter and spring.)

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