Henry Has A Haircut

I’d heard one too many, “What a cute little girl!” comments over the past few weeks and, one must admit, it was starting to get a bit disheveled. So, though we loved the little golden curls, it was finally time for Henry to go and have his first haircut.

We took Henry to A Star Is Born, where Emma had her first haircut. Not much had changed in two years: same stylists, same decorations, same exact toys. (They do have a website now, though. Progress!)

Henry had absolutely no fear. He eventually selected the firetruck and played with some toys or giggled at Thomas, oblivious to the strange German lady with scissors and a razor attacking his head.

While Henry was having his mop tamed Emma was having her first wash. She was loving the attention. Despite her love for NASCAR she’s a girl through and through, it seems.

Check the before and after comparison and then dive in to the rest of the photos for more.

Henry Before and After

3 thoughts on “Henry Has A Haircut

  1. Henry looks so “big boy”! I remember getting the “what a cute little girl” comments with Jonah, too, (but it was at 9 months so I had to give up my vow to wait until he was one for his first haircut to stop the comments). Emma looks very pretty, too!

  2. I know! That haircut does make him look much more like a little boy than a baby. Put him in khakis and an oxford and he’s ready for Wall Street.

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