A Haircut for Cora

Emma and Henry both lost their first locks at the age two. (Henry Has A Haircut and Emma Has A Haircut) Cora’s pretty curls lasted a whole year longer before succumbing to the inevitable blades of the coiffeuse.

Since a 450 mile trip to A Star is Born was out of the question we decided on Panda Room in Novato. (In case you’re wondering, yes, the place is filled with pandas both stuffed and print.)

I think I was the most scared. I couldn’t stand the thought of Cora’s gorgeous curls disappearing. Cora was a champ and eagerly sat for her haircut with nary a wiggle or tear in sight. The best part? She got “sparkles” in her hair after the cut was complete. Ooo-la-la! I needn’t have worried, of course. Her curls are stronger than ever after shedding the thing baby hair.

Things went so well, in fact, that we decided to make it a family affair with Emma, Henry and – gasp – even me getting a well-needed trim.

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