haircut and the dreaded “dad”

I finally got around to putting all of the first haircut pictures up. Read more about our first haircut experience in “Shave and a Haircut, 20 Bucks.”

After the haircut we spent the afternoon fingerpainting. Emma’s quite the artiste. She attacks the canvas with gusto! When I was a child, apparently, I didn’t want anything to do with fingerpainting because I would get dirty. Given what a slob I am now, this seems laughable (Marla can offer evidence).

Sometime over the weekend a horrible thing happened: I stopped being “Daddy” and became just “Dad.” I’m not sure exactly when and not sure exactly how, but it seems to be here to stay. I’m a little sad to see those tiny two letters go.

One thought on “haircut and the dreaded “dad”

  1. Oh Daddy….I’m teary now! But at least Dad is better than the sometimes “Momb” that I’m called. At least your name makes sense. WE LOVE YOU, HANDSOME!

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