Playgroup Picnic at O’Neill Regional Park

Last weekend we had a picnic with Marla and the kids’ playgroup at O’Neill Regional Park. In all six families (12 adults, 25 kids and two dogs) got together to spend an evening hanging out in what passes for wilderness in Orange County.

To be fair we have seen tarantulas, deer, coyotes, rattlesnakes and more in the park so it is fairly wild considering the suburban setting. Thankfully none of the more sinister wildlife were out and about during our picnic so the kiddies were able to run wild in the grass and the arroyo.

Some favorite moments:

  • Zane and Zuzu playing in the bubbles
  • Alex hamming it up for me
  • Cali and Henry goofing off with the giant frisbees
  • Henry and Zane throwing balls into a tree
  • Tadd proudly showing off his captured critters
  • Bradi and Carli exploring the arroyo with their dogs and dad

We had a great time, staying right until sunset. Hopefully it will become a more regular tradition!