Online Matters

Last week at work we silently launched “Online Matters” our game developer focused blog. (I blatantly lifted the title from Jamie’s “Selection Matters” site. It was too good not to.)

I’d long resisted putting up a blog (I hate that word!) even though I regularly read and love several corporate blogs like Joel on Software, Nick Bradbury’s blog, Google’s blog and others. With our fancy new redesign and some gently prodding from Greg at Airbag I caved.

The first couple of posts were lame. I feely admit it. By the third one (Use You Demo for Good) I was beginning to see the light. I ended last week with a mini-rant against “technical limitations” on buddy lists in Xbox Live (Buddy List Limitations Are Silly) that garnered a little bit of attention.

After launching a corporate blog what else could one do? Oh, how about be on a podcast? Yep. Posted that this week, too. Go read about my appearance on the DigiPen PodClass, give it a read and then let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Online Matters

  1. I could swear that I sent you an ICQ saying that I was stealing it…

    Anyway, I’ve been telling people from day one that I blatantly ripped you off :) When we were doing all of the brainstorming to come up with names nothing could beat it.

    Best of all? It’s a phrase I actually use all the time when we’re out talking to developers.

    “Look, the online experience really matters. You can’t just toss in a server browser and call it done. Or at least you can’t if you want people to actually play and enjoy it.”

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