Henry and the Strawberry Patch

Emma and Henry went strawberry picking again not too long ago. While Emma remains fairly non-committal when it comes to berries Henry is an unabashed fan. He eats while picking, he eats after picking… whenever and whereever he can get his hands on some berries.

Earlier this week while at Trader Joe’s Marla stopped to talk to a friend she bumped into the store. Henry and Emma waited patiently in the cart… or so she thought. When they arrived home and Marla was unpacking groceries she came across a huge package of strawberries she had no recollection of buying.

As it turns out little Henry, while her back was turned, had slipped the strawberries off the nearby counter and into the cart. Sneaky!

One thought on “Henry and the Strawberry Patch

  1. Funny. Sam once tried to do that same thing to me, only with a tub of out-of-season raspberries, which I think cost like $900. Fortunately I caught it.

    Still, better that they’re doing it with fruit than candy or cookies, eh?

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