Netflix History Analysis

Marla and I have been Netflix subscribers for a long time now, starting just before Emma was born in 2002. Initially this is because we didn’t trust a babysitter to watch our little treasure. (Now, of course, we couldn’t find a babysitter crazy enough to watch all three.)

We dutifully watch a couple of movies each weekend and I can’t remember the last movie we actually saw in the theater. I’m thinking it was probably the Lord of The Rings trilogy… which ended in 2003.

At any rate, I just casually did a search for “Netflix Analyzer” to see if I could find some patterns in the data set. (This is a recent topic of discussion at work.) The Netflix History Analyzer by John Watson was the top result.

Our history analysis is below.

Your results

  • You’ve rented 551 DVDs over 81 months from April 09, 2002 to January 06, 2009.
  • Your plan costs $17.99/month so you’ve paid $1457.19 total.
  • Your average price per rental was approximately $2.64 each.
  • Average rental costs elsewhere are $3.75 each (not including late fees).
  • You’ve saved approximately $609.06 over that time period or $7.52 per month.

Here’s some more about your renting habits…

  • You kept each rental for around 12 days on average.
  • The longest you kept a single DVD was 67 days: .
  • You rented about 7 DVDs each month.

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