Centennial Farm with Henry

I played hooky from work one day to go with Henry’s pre-school class to Centennial Farm at the OC Fairgrounds.  His teacher, Mrs. Carrie, laid down the ground rules prior to us entering the farm and then we were off!

First order of business: have lunch.  Seems that no pre-K kid can make it past 10 AM without some sort of snack to tide them over.  Once properly fed, the kids started their tour of the farm.  We saw farm implements, learned how cheese is made and saw some cute newborn animals.

The star of the show was the fat sow and her dozen or so piglets.  Whether running around and squealing or fighting for a prime feeding spot, the kids all had a great time watching the chaos in the pig pen while mama pig snored away.

The farm tour ended with a good game of chase, of course, and Henry and his buddies laughing, screaming and gloriously grass stained.

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