| 05.02.2004 | egg hunt #2

As promised, I've gotten around to putting up pictures from our second Easter egg hunt. This one was on Easter Sunday, after a tasty breakfast of bacon and matzoh brei. (Like that mixing of traditions?)

We tried barefoot in the grass, but she wouldn't have it. She wanted her new white shoes on her pretty little feet.

Inside the eggs she would discover her new favorite treat: jelly beans. (She's partial to the "lallow" ones.) We're still having jelly beans for dessert at night.

Just before Easter, Emma and Marla spent an afternoon planting in the backyard. Sunflowers for Emma and basil, parsley and some nastertium for Marla. Emma had to break out the ruby red slippers for the occassion.

Nothing but the finest will do, right?

The shots at the end do indeed show us wearing underwear (clean) on our heads. Jessica probably didn't have this in mind when she gave Emma the cute dress!

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On May 2, 2004 6:02 PM Jessica Northcutt said:

I LOVE IT!!!! Who ever knew that underwear could look so good. I think that green is definately your color, Todd. You are such a trend setter. Looks like Emma had a blast with the egg hunts. I love jelly beans too! Do they sell them after the easter season? Take care.

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