| 06.13.2004 | mother's day at the lagoon

May absolutely flew by! (I suppose spending a week in Sweden can do that to you.) It's hard to believe that June is nearly half-way done. But it is, and it's time to make sure that the month is properly recorded in the photo history book.

Two new galleries today. The first is collection of random "Emma at play" shots from the beginning part of the month. I know that I'm probably going to cause her some kind of psychological grief one day by posting this picture, but it'll be worth it.

We spent Mother's day this year swimming at The Lagoon in Rancho Santa Margarita. Emma is just in love with the water. She loves it so much that Marla has signed us up for swimming lessons! We'll start in July on the weekends.

Despite it being Mother's Day, Daddy ended up in the water and in most all of the pictures instead of Mommy. I'm not quite sure how that happened but Marla seemed to enjoy herself, so I guess the trip was a success!

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