| 06.18.2004 | emma rides her bike

We've had this little bike for almost a year now, after picking it up at a yard sale just up the street. It hung in the garage next to Daddy's bike all this time and Emma would often steal a glance at it as we were coming and going through the garage.

She finally started asking to ride it a few weeks ago, so we took it down and prepared for the worst. (I have vivid memories of my brother smashing his two front teeth when we were kids riding down my grandfather's steep hill and driveway.)

Of course, all the worrying was for naught and Emma has had a fantastic time with the bike, riding it nearly every day since.

She has so much fun, in fact, that she doesn't want to leave it and you have to drag her screaming and kicking back into the house.

Also take special note of the super-cute pig tail pictures. I'm especially proud of them as Daddy put them in all by himself with no prompting from Mommy or Emma.

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