| 06.27.2005 | the many faces of henry

"Mommy, sometimes I'm lazy and selfish."

It's amazing the things that come out of a child's mouth. We've been tring to teach Emma about sharing lately. "Now, don't be selfish, Emma. Share the toy with Henry."

Apparently the message has sunk in... or at least the meaning of the word selfish. She doesn't seem the least bit concerned that she's acting that way.

Too bad that some of the adults I know can't be honest and admit the same thing about themselves!

The Many Faces of Henry contains a pile of great expressions Henry is putting on these days.

His latest trick is spitting everywhere. He'll purse his lips, blow out and send drool and spit flying. It's great! (No, really!) On occassion he'll crack himself up after doing it and end up laughing and laughing. It is quite a treat to come home to a scene like that.

Take special note of the giant wet spots on Henry's shirts. I don't know if we're getting close to a tooth or what, but the boy has turned into a living drool factory.

I understand how one can produce that much drool and not become dehydrated. Perhaps the subject of a forthcoming NIH grant?

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On June 28, 2005 1:14 PM Jessica said:

We love flying spit. It is great mixed with Sweet Potatoes. How is solids going? Can't wait to see those pics. I have an adorable niece and nephew.

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