the daddy-daughter dance

The Mom’s Club here in RSM was putting on a Daddy-Daughter Dance for the end of April. It was to be a “formal” for daddy’s and their little girls at the clubhouse at the Lagoon.

Marla signed us up, of course, since Emma loves to dance. They bought a new dress especially for the occassion and for weeks Emma was abuzz about the dance. She could hardly wait, squealing and wriggling with delight every time we talked about it.

Sadly, not enough signed up to hold the dance.

We did the next best thing: We had our OWN Daddy-Daughter Dance at home and followed it with dinner at the “faaah-nsee rester-ought“.

Emma was a doll in her dress and an absolute lady at the restraunt. a favorite of ours called Tutto Fresco Trattoria. We even managed to snap a nice family portrait before we headed off to bed.

A good time was definitely had by all.

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