beach photoshoot

After our unborn child had its picture taken we decided to have ours taken, too. Near sunset we made our way to Corona Del Mar for a portrait session on the beach. A pro photographer would be shooting this time, instead of me.

We arrived a little early and enjoyed walking the beach in our bare feet. Emma, who’s had a thing against the ocean since getting splashed one time, enjoyed herself. Perhaps she’s given up the grudge.

The photographer arrived a little after we did and directed us to pose, pose again and then – pose some more. She really seemed to enjoy Emma… she couldn’t stop laughing at all of the “cute” expressions she made. (We think she’s cute, too, in case you were wondering.)

I was a little dissapointed, to be honest. The pro was using my camera, my lens and my flash. (Well, she had the 550EX as opposed to my 420EX, but the difference is minimal.) I guess I was expecting a little bit more from a pro. You know, some L-series zooms or a sweet, sweet prime.

But, no. Her gear was my gear. My gear was her gear. Ah, well. Such is life.

At any rate, I snapped a few pictures, too, so we’ll compare next week and see just how pro a pro is!

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