yes, i like that party hat

I’ve been a lazy, lazy Daddy the past few weeks. My camera has mostly been in the bag and I’ve been playing Burnout 3: Takedown on the Xbox non-stop.

I shook off the funk, though, and put up a few shots from the first half of August earlier today, as well as a great “party hat” set. (If you don’t know about party hats you’re not reading enough P.D. Eastman.)

I’ve also been on the road for work. I was in Austin last week at the Austin Game Conference. I gave a presentation in Austin on “The Implications of Namespace Design” – you’re impressed, I’m sure. (Not!) I’m heading back to Sweden on Monday for more consulting on one of my favorite franchises.

Marla won’t be lonely, though. Grandma and Grandpa Mandel are in town for all of next week. They’ve enjoyed their visit so far – I think they’re impressed at what a handful our Emma can be. They had quite the adventure getting down here. They were among the thousands stranded by the radar/radio outage last week.

Oh, one final note. Emma has decided on a name for the new baby: Henry Train. We think it’s grand. Don’t you?

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