overheard in the northcutt household

Things overheard in the Northcutt household over the past few days:

  • “Don’t step on your Daddy. It’s just not polite.”
  • “Daddy, don’t hold your left hand!”
  • “That light is on to help me remember to water the plants. Can you do me a favor later and water the plants?”
  • “Emma, don’t do that!” (spoken by Emma)
  • “When you’re hiding in the corner you’re really telling me you need to go poop.”
  • “Duck is SO famous!”
  • “Do you want a time out?”
    <eyebrows raise>
    “I mean no.”
  • “Daddy don’t antagonize you!”
  • “That’s not appropriate.” (spoken by Emma)
  • <incoherent shrieks>
    “That might be a sign it’s time for bed.”

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