henry’s 2nd and 3rd days

We brought Mr. Henry Owen home from the hospital today (Thursday). Despite being 5 weeks early, he is in tip-top shape according to the docs. Still a scrawny 5 lbs, of course, but otherwise doing fine.

Big Sister Emma enjoyed going to the hospital to visit Mommy and Henry. I’m convinced her favorite part of these visits was eating lunch and supper from Marla’s hospital tray. The two of them were quite cute together.

She was a big hit with the nurses, too. Batting her long eye lashes and saying, “Pleeeeeease!” netted her exactly what she wanted every time (juice and crackers). Eventually they just gave us the code to the refreshment room so we could get our own.

And now, we’re home! It’s time for the real joy – and sleeplessness – to begin. In the meantime, enjoy these pictures from the 2nd and 3rd day!

Note to grandparents who like to print: You should now be able to click on “open <picturename>” below the thumbnails and open the picture itself for quick prints.

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