i can do it myself, thank you

Emma is becoming more and more self-sufficient these days. She’s able to entertain herself pretty well coloring, reading or feeding her Baby. It sure makes life easier when Marla is fixing dinner or taking a rare moment to relax. (I stress rare, though.)

I have to admit, though, that I’m left wondering what I am supposed to be doing. Is it OK to read a book? Dare I sneak on the laptop and check my e-mail? I’m afraid that if I do, the Bad Parent SWAT Team will come crashing through the windows and arrest me, just like the precrime cops in Minority Report.

She’s gone so far as to start going potty all by herself. No more help needed – or wanted – from Mommy and Daddy. Tonight, in fact, she said, “Mommy go away. You need some privacy.” (She still speaks in the 2nd person and calls herself “you” most of the time.)

I kid you not! Marla quietly shut the bathroom door and waited outside, calling me at work to give me the news.

“You’ll never guess what your daughter just said…”

These pictures are much less exciting than solo potty shots, but still awfully cute. There’s one of Emma reading by herself at the library and then a few more of her quietly coloring in The Big Chair.

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One thought on “i can do it myself, thank you

  1. You need to hang onto that picture of her reading in the library so she can include it with her ivy league college application. Also, include the one of her reading on the potty. Committees love that kind of thing.

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