vacation here we come

Mommy has been the prodigious writer and photographer thus far in July. I’m falling far, far behind. While Marla has written two giant entries and taken several hundred photos I’ve written a measley 200 words and taken a paltry 88 pictures. Definitely a slump for me!

I suspect, though, that this will all change soon as we’ll be heading off for a (much deserved) vacation in a few more days.

We’re off to Atlanta to visit my folks (and various other friends and relatives). I’m really looking forward to a few days on the farm, some fishing and generally lounging around while completely unplugged from the Internet.

I’ll also take this opportunity to bid a fond farewell to our trusty ’94 Volvo 850. It has moved on to a new owner and a shiny new Volvo S60 2.4T has taken its place in our garage.

And now, off to bed for me!

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