little tikes country kitchen

Thanks to persistence by Granma and Aunt Jessica (not to mention the wonders of the Internets), Emma Grace is now the proud owner of a Little Tikes Country Kitchen.

As loyal readers know, Emma is an avid cook. She pretends to be Giada and Rachael all the time. She knows the difference between fennel and anise and can recite the entire intro to 30 Minute Meals without breaking a sweat.

She’s been putting her imagination to good use, pretending the the top of a speaker was her microwave that the oven was underneath the TV. She even had a very ghetto cooktop I’d drawn on a piece of cardboard. While on vacation she played with several different “kitchen sink and stoves” that Granma Northcutt picked up 2nd hand at yardsales and we knew that we’d have to find one ourselves.

The search is over and, as you can see, our little chef is as happy as can be.

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