mini golf and ice cream social

I spent all of yesterday moving boxes from one side of the garage to the other, so we can finally get at least one car into the garage. Let me tell you, that is fun!

It’s kind of like moving except you’re not going anywhere. See, doesn’t that sound great? No better way to spend your Saturday.

These pictures are from the last few days of our trip back to Atlanta. First up is a trip to the Marietta Square for some fun on the train. Next, we took Emma for her first round of min-golf with our friends the Ledfords.

Jonah and I spent much of the evening discussing the merits of the various factions in Pandemic’s Star Wars Battlefront and what the future of the series might bring.

Though the golf was fun, Emma really liked the Dance Dance Revolution best of all.

The next day was an “ice cream social” with my brother Paul and his family. My aunt Daphne came over, too, and a good time was had by all.

There’s nothing quite like hand-cranked ice cream in the middle of the day.

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