girls’ night out

We went down to San Diego last weekend for Samantha’s 2nd birthday party at the Madigan’s place. We hadn’t physically seen Sam in quite some time, but since we read about her each week it didn’t really seem like it had been such a long time.

At any rate, a good time was had by all.

We left right around supper time and decided we’d have a bite to eat before heading back home. The Madigan’s recommended a local place called the Bonita Store Restaurant. It was very similar to the Rockin’ Baja, which we love. Who can argue with buckets – literally! – of fried seafood for dinner?

All during dinner Emma kept peering into the bar where a loud, but not too rowdy, group of women were having a girls’ night out. They were singing, dancing, playing pool and generally having a good time. All things that Emma loves, of course. While I stayed at the table to take care of the bill Emma wandered into the bar to see what all the fuss was about. (Don’t worry, grandparents. Marla and Henry were right behind her.)

Being the sociable ham that she is, Emma just had to join right in – and, boy, did she lay it on thick!

3 thoughts on “girls’ night out

  1. I guess all us Northcutt girls will have to have a “girls night out” your next trip to GA!! Now we know that ballet class was just too tame for her!

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