two cards full

Two memory cards full, and one more on the way! It’s finally time for Momma to write that promised blurb before my pictures are lost in the organization unit that Todd has configured for our “network”.

To be sure, my pictures are not the best, but mediocre as they may be, they do truly catch the everyday occurrences of our two little ones. (Well, I guess 4 isn’t that little any more, especially when you are the genius that Emma is, but she is still our little lady! And Henry our little man! Have I ever mentioned that I am the luckiest Mom in the universe… well at least, MY universe!)

I will be the first to admit that there are MANY moments of utter frustration. Emma and I butt heads continually and Henry is very talented at being a sparkling whiner (usually it’s for me to hold him though, so it’s actually complementary), but when they are cute, it is almost too much for me to handle.

For instance, Henry loves to wake Emma up from a nap. He climbs on top of her, to Emma’s disgust, but then he crawls on up to her head, lays down beside her, wraps his arm around her neck and gives her a great big hug. It’s one of the best moments of the day.

Or, after a frustrating afternoon, I actually read the paper bags that Emma has been writing on and discover that she has written “Emma and Mom” on all of them. That brought tears to my eyes! Cute shots include the following:

  • Henry playing the kazoo while wearing fairy wings!
  • Henry using the screwdriver like a pro!
  • Henry and Emma eating cookies together on the “old” couch! The new one finally arrived!
  • The DEN enjoys his biscuit!
  • Emma and Henry looking cute in their St. Patrick Day’s shirts and Emma wearing her Purim crown that she made all by herself!
  • Henry and Emma having a picnic (in Emma’s room).
  • Henry playing at the library!
  • Emma and her first ever bubble-bath!
  • Henry climbing the ladder at Hop-On-Adventures. Emma loved that big slide!
  • Henry at his MY GYM class (we go while Emma is at preschool).
  • Henry in his car seat after enjoying a tasty chocolate chip cookie!
  • Emma’s second visit to the dentist! She did an awesome job! Notice the looks to the ceiling (Henry and the fish) where there were TV’s to watch!
  • Henry and Emma enjoying the tubs at “The Great Indoors”. Oh… and the toilets too. SSSSSSSS!

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