Look, I’m A Bigwig

I’ve been on quite the travel and speaking tear lately, with “appearances” at the Game Developers’ Confernce in San Francisco, DevStation 2007 in London and the OGDC next week in Seattle. At the Online Game Developers Conference next week I will be speaking on a panel, Online Consoles: Strategies for the Future.

My little panel at OGDC got picked up on a few websites, probably due to the General Manager of Xbox Live and a VP from Real Arcade being involved but I thought this quote was rather funny:

[T]he 2007 Online Game Development Conference (OGDC) is just a few more days away… This latest announcement includes the presence of industry bigwigs like GameSpy director Todd Northcutt, as well as PopCap Games business development director James Gwertzman.

Now, how I get to be a “bigwig” and JJ Richards gets relegated to a small bullet is beyond me. Just more proof that fansites don’t always know what they’re talking about!

One thought on “Look, I’m A Bigwig

  1. w00t! I’m going to update the references section of my resume right now and add “Tungsten: The recluse and mysterious Director of BigWig operations at GameSpy”

    Yippie! I know an internet celeb! Woo-Hoo! ;-)

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