Don Rickles in Training

I do believe that my children are training to become insult comics, perhaps inspired by the recent spate of Don Rickles coverage Rickles’ LettersRickle’s Letters had generated.

Witness this exchange between Marla and Emma earlier today during bathtime:

Emma: Mommy, did you always know you were going to have two kids?
Marla: I knew I wanted two kids but I didn’t know I would have two for sure.
Emma: And then you decided you needed Cora when you found out Henry was annoying.

Or this fun one from Sunday when I was reading the real estate section in the paper, dreaming of beach houses in Corona del Mar.

Todd: Oh, here’s a nice 3 bedroom place for only $2.5 million.
Emma: Daddy, can you buy that house?
Todd: No, sweetheart. Mommy and Daddy don’t have that much money.
Emma: Daddy, maybe you just need to work harder.

And, finally, a nice dig from the kid up the street after I tried his Ripstik board and made it all of 10 feet before ditching.

Todd: Getting started is really tough!
Max: Whoa! You made it far. That’s pretty good… for an adult.


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