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Digital IR with the Canon 10D
My Hoya R72 arrived from B&H Photo last night and I was eager to try out my first digital IR shots. I'd read lots about digital IR but had seen very little specific to shooting with the 10D.

This shot was taken during my lunch break today at approx 1pm. The sun was blazing, which was great. This show with a 10 second exposure at f/8 (ASA 100). This is how the shot came out of the camera after a little resizing and sharpening.
Setting a proper white balance with a trial version of Phase One's Capture One - the most amazing RAW processing tool ever! - gives a more traditional IR look.

I'm in love with the way the world looks. Very dark skies, bright foliage with just a hint of green. This is going to be a LOT of fun.
A sycamore tree with no leaves, but still covered with "gumballs" is an attractive second target.

The sun was just out of view and provided some interesting lens flares. Guess I should have gotten that lens hood when I bought my new lens (28-105 f/3.5-4), huh?
Not sure what exactly these are, but they sure looked interesting through a different set of eyes.

The wind was blowing and this shot required a longer exposure (20 seconds) so the edges are a little soft. As it turns out you need to focus differntly when shooting IR since the wavelength is longer.
The last shot before lunch ended is probably my favorite.

I really dig the various, subtle colors in this shot. Slight blue/green cast to the plants, the sky is a nice, dark gray and the buildings have a brownish tinge.