Our Little Talker

Emma has blossomed into quite the little talker over the past few weeks. It is amazing how quickly she’s advanced from communicating with just one word to stringing together two or three and even making complete sentences. Her first full sentence happened last Sunday and was:

Read book, please, Daddy.

I couldn’t resist and we broke our rule of no reading while eating and sat down with her to read a book abour trains. Yep, her latest obsession is the train. It’s almost scary that someone not quite two years old can tell the difference between hopper and gondola cars as well as box and cattle cars.

If you’d like to hear our little genius speak, check out the short sound clips below. (We’re still working on a few of them.)

One thought on “Our Little Talker

  1. Almost more fascinating than the fact that she could answer questions about sciences and the arts (it seems likely that that she was simple repeating names she’s heard over and over again) is that her first sentence included the word ‘please’. Does she understand the concept of politeness, or was that too merely a phrase that had been used in her presence numerous times before?

    As a (now somewhat removed) European, this fits in with the view we have of Americans: they say please _a_ _lot_.

    Then again, I’m not a parent… what do I know? ;)

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