water broken… baby on it’s way!

Marla’s water broke at 12:30 AM this morning. We were admitted to Mission Hospital at about 1:30 AM. She’s resting fine at the hospital now and we’re waiting on the fun (labor) to begin.

We’re about 5 weeks early, but everyone is doing fine. You can see from the pictures that Marla was smiling and in good spirits last night.

Right now we’re anticipating Baby Northcutt #2 will arive some time tonight, though it could certainly stretch out until tomorrow morning. Emma and I are off to the hospital now. The doctor is due back for her next visit in another hour or so.

She’s the cutest thing ever, btw. I’ll talk about that later… you know, after things have calmed down.

7 thoughts on “water broken… baby on it’s way!

  1. oh my gosh, marla! who knew that just 8 hours after we were talking that you would go into labor. we are so excited to know whether it is a boy or girl-looks like we will know soon. jonah said that he thought your water pipes broke in your house when i yelled to jeff that marla’s water broke. funny!

  2. We are so excited! Can’t wait to find out if it is a boy or girl. I say it is another pretty little girl and Paul has his bets on a handsome little boy. We have the phone turned on by our bed incase we get a late night call. Keep us posted. Good luck!

  3. What great news for the whole Tungholio Family! Best wishes for a safe and swift delivery.

    Tung, remind Marla that only two more to go to catch us, and like 4 more to go to catch moacg :D

    Keep us posted!

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