one fine day

What a day!

Yes, we all felt the earthquake, although it was only Mommy and Daddy who realized that something was up. (Our second one this week!) I was changing Henry’s diaper at the time and putting one in the diaper genie when I heard a loud noise and saw the window shades moving.

I knew immediately we’d had an earthquake, but of course, when I wanted Todd to confirm, I couldn’t find him at any of his numbers. Oh well, the nurse at Dr. Dyer’s (Henry’s pediatrician) office confirmed my suspicions. Todd felt it too… talking to Fargo at the time at work. Of course, he thought it was cool.

But, as he admitted, it was only “cool” because nothing bad resulted from it. A major quake would be a different story.

So, right after the earthquake, Mommy and crew hoped into the car and headed out for Henry’s 6th month check. Henry is finally on the height/weight charts for all his measurements, but he is still playing catch up! (And no Dad, Henry is not chubby and he isn’t eating too much.) Henry will soon start solids (probably late next week or early the following).

Dr. Dyer liked to way he tried to stand and was very impressed with his progress. Emma took her picture after asking permission. She also played with Dr. Dyer’s instruments. She is something else!

And the day was topped off by finally seeing Daddy’s new office and eating at the Rainforest Cafe. Emma was a bit skeptical about the cafe because it was so loud, but she finally got past it, and enjoyed her pizza and her volcano dessert. She was so cute sitting and talking in her chair. We also rode the carousel, and she was soo happy!

A great day indeed!

Here are the stats for Henry:

  • Height: 25 in (10%)
  • Weight: 15 lbs. 12 oz (25%)
  • Head Circumference: 17 1/4 (50%)


One thought on “one fine day

  1. I do hereby consider myself most properly “rebuked”!!

    Henry is most special & deserves his own set of charts. His grandpa never did well in chart comparisons either. We’re just not standard.

    Our Henry does look good & is obviously enjoying himself….a happy little fellow.

    Did enjoy my Father’s Day card…very neat & nice! Tell Emma.

    Hey World. I’ve been “chewed out” in proper military style.

    Love ya’,


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