henry and emma meet bailey

We’re back from a wonderful, if wet, two week vacation in Atlanta. I believe it rained 10 out of the 12 days we were there. It’s not unusual to get a short thundershower as the hot afternoon fades into cool evening in the South but it is odd to get so much!

Over our first two days in Toccoa we topped out the rain gague with 5″ – amazing weather for folks like us used to 5″ all year! Despite the rain, though, we had a grand old time visiting with family and friends.

This first set of photos is from our first visit with Cousin Bailey. We’ve seen her grow so much over the past months via the web that it was a little bit anticlimactic when we finally met her. “So… she looks just like her pictures.”

Watching her, Henry and Emma play together, though, was anything but anticlimactic. She and Henry are nearly the same size and are pretty much on par with one another in terms of motor skills. It was really cute to see them reaching out to one another. (I’m sure it was just so they could gnaw on one another’s arms or clothes but it was still cute.)

In the final shots of the series you’ll see some evidence of Emma’s latest fascination: shoes. She spent the vast majority of the vacation clomping around in various paris of Granma Northcutt’s high heels.

More to come…

And, of course, happy birthday to Mommy, who reached the ripe old age of 32 today!

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