leading up to christmas

In the weeks leading up to Christmas Grandma Northcutt and Marla were snap-happy, capturing our two children playing together. It is a treat to come home and see these pictures because all to often when I get home from work play patterns are interrupted.

Who would guess that our two children could play so nicely together? (Not me!)

It was a treat to decorate the tree with Grandma Northcutt this year. We re-used a few of last year’s hand-made decorations and topped things off with Emma’s very first decoration made at pre-school.

I’m sure that I broke all kinds of good-parenting rules by wrapping my boy in Christmas lights but, you know what?

I don’t care.

4 thoughts on “leading up to christmas

  1. Great pictures. I do believe that Mr. H looks more like his daddy every time I see new pictures.
    Both, kids to be proud of.

  2. I love Henry’s snowman hat; I’m such a sucker for cute kid hats. Emma looks so pretty, especially in her candy cane dress.

  3. Wow, Henry is getting big. Also, I did that “wrap the kid in the Christmas tree lights” thing with Same, too. Hopefully Henry didn’t burst into tears like she did.

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