northcutt christmas 2005

Christmas this year was quite different than last year. If you recall we’d been home with Henry for, oh, 2 days or so. He was sound asleep in his science fiction outfit and Mommy was sound asleep in the chair next to him. This year he was a bundle of energy and enjoyed ripping into the presents as much as Emma did.

The Christmas haul for 2005 was enourmous. As you can see in this shot one pile of presents was nearly as tall as Emma. Yes, one pile. There were plenty more stacked under the tree. I must admit that I’m a little embarassed by just how much stuff there was there.

Anyway, highlights included: a bulldozer for Henry, books and t-shirts galore for Emma, nice new sweaters for Mommy and an 9′ high stack of Good Eats DVDs for me.

The last few pictures show Emma proudly (and exuberently!) singing into her microphone. It was a lot of fun for a few days… until the thing broke. We returned it and I’ve made a few trips to Guitar Center for replacement parts. Wait ’til you see what I’ve cooked up!

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