playing catch up

It’s nice to be home for a few days in a row! I’ve found the time to catch up on April’s photos from Marla’s camera and finish posting May pictures from mine. Running a two-camera household is tough!

It’s amazing to me, as someone who see’s Emma and Henry every day, to look back even just two months and marvel at how they change.

Two months ago Henry was considerably more chubby in the cheeks than he is today and he was just beginning to totter along with confidence. (See Henry Walks The Line for proof.) Now he’s a little boy who walks with purpose, speaks in full sentences and sleeps in a Big Boy Bed. More on that later…

Emma, meanwhile, continues to become more of a little lady and less toddler-like. “Please, Daddy, stop. That is annoying!” she’ll say in irritiation. Precocious children can be fun.

As I’ve said before, though, my favorite part about catching up with pictures from Marla’s camera is seeing all the sweet interaction the two of them have that I never get to see. The parting shot of them holding hands as they cross the park lawn is almost more than a soft-hearted daddy can bear!

2 thoughts on “playing catch up

  1. Great shots. Even armed with Ger’s super compact “diaper bag camera” we’ve kind of gotten out of the habit of taking daily candid shots like these. I think they’re the ones that we’ll all continue to enjoy the most looking back on years from now.

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