Apple Pickin’ Fools

While my parents were in town visiting at the end of October we made a trek to Oak Glen to try our hands at some good, old fashioned apple picking.

Who knew they even grew apples here in southern California? Apparently they do – and lots of them.

We stopped at Riley’s Farm to pick ourselves some winesaps, double red delicious and granny smith apples. (Great Washington Post article about why red delicious apples aren’t really very, well, delicious, anymore.)

The delight on the faces of Emma and Henry was well worth the 1.5 hour drive through the uglies of Riverside County. Who knew that apples grew on trees? And that you could pick them yourself? The farm gave us the tools and we supplied the labor.

Emma rode on Granpa Northcutt’s shoulders and we picked ourselves a peck or two of apples. (I think this might be considered a modern American Gothic.)

We left Oak Glen tired but happy, sticky from apple juice and excited about the many pies to come.

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