I’d Like More S’Mores

Cousins Bailey and Madison joined the CA Northcutts for a family trip out to Broad River Bison the day after Thanksgiving. We set out bundled against the cold for our traditional hay ride around the farm, touring Bailey’s Bottom, Madison’s Meadow, Emma’s Pond and Henry’s Hollow snuggled in scarves and stocking caps. Uncle Paul fed the buffalo a few tasty apples and received a slobbery finger for his trouble.

After a quick wash we roasted some hot dogs in the fire and then toasted marshmallows to make yummy s’mores.

Here’s our family recipe for s’mores

1 bag marshmallows
1 chocolate bar
1 box Graham crackers
1 camp fire
1 stick

Light fire. Place marshmallow on stick. Toast until golden brown, burning slightly if desired. Snap graham cracker in half and place chocolate squares on one half of cracker. Place hot, gooey marshmallow on top of chocolate. Place second half of cracker on top of marshmallow and flatten.

Eat with gusto. Lick fingers, as necessary, to keep them free of delicious marshmallow goo.

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