Edinburgh, Scotland

I reached a new high on a recent business trip. Or a new low. I’m not sure which.

While waiting in the airport during a layover on a flight bound for London I booked travel to Scotland to visit a prominent game developer. I then proceeded to jump on the plane without knowing whether or not my new ticket would be approved and issued before I arrived in England many hours later.

I ended up missing the flight to Scotland thanks to an impossibly long customs and immigration line at Heathrow. I waited around for an hour and a half for the next flight to Edinburgh, which just so happens to be precisely enough time for a morning pint from the airport pub.

We met with the developer for a few hours, discussing our plans together for several upcoming titles. Following the meeting we had two hours to kill before heading back to London.

Let me tell you, two hours in Edinburgh is just enough to whet the palate.

We started by wandering up the Royal Mile in Old Town to Edinburgh Castle. I wish we’d had time to wander through the castle, which stands on an extinct volcano and dates back to the 16th century.

After speed-touring Old Town we crossed the North & South Bridge to New Town and wandered Princes Street.

It is the main shopping district in Edinburgh and has a spectacular view of Old Town across the Princes Street Garden. I skipped the shopping and took some photos of the Sir Walter Scott Monument before reluctantly hailing a cab and leaving beautiful Edinburgh behind.

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