Look, kids! Big Ben! Parliament!

I admit it, I had that line from European Vacation stuck in my head the entire time I was in London. When I ran around Parliament Square the previous day I actually giggled out loud at the thought.

So, after the Tower of London I raced to Westminster to catch Big Ben, Parliament and Westminster Abbey in the dwindling light of the day.

The architecture in this section of town is nothing short of breathtaking. The Palace of Westminster and the Abbey are certainly the most stunning Gothic buildings I’ve ever seen. (I suppose my only previous exposure was the Suzzallo Library at the UW, so maybe the bar was set fairly low.) The detail was amazing… which is, I suppose, the whole point.

Westminster Abbey had, unfortunately, already closed for the day so I wasn’t able to go inside and see any of the crazy, soaring cathedral ceilings. I’d love to see the inside of the Lady Chapel.

I ended the day, and my time in London, with a quick circle around Trafalgar Square and then reluctantly trudged down Piccadilly back the hotel. Things were looking up once I got there, though… I was headed back home to Marla and the kids!

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