The last entry was “Deconstruction” and I wondered where the smashing and breaking and destroying were. Just a day or so later and we had all the dust and exposed framing and electrical you could ask for. It’s kind of cool seeing how your home is put together, though it can be kind of disturbing, too. For example, what on Earth could posses a builder to put eight 2 x 4’s together in a wall?

Emma and Henry continue to enjoy playing in their “ballroom” with the latest game being putting on high heels from Emma’s princess collection and stomping their feet in a circle. After going in the circle a few times they race to the front door and then turn around to go at it again. They never cease to amuse!

I’m in Japan on business right now and can’t wait to see what progress has been made while I’ve been away… and, of course, enjoy a show in the ballroom.

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