It is amazing to me that it can take 8 weeks to rebuild our kitchen but only a day to deconstruct most of the existing one.

On the first day of our remodel two guys spent approximately 4 hours removing cabinets and counters. I suppose I expected reciprocal saws and sledgehammers but when I arrived home it looked like controlled and methodical use of pry bars was more like it. Not nearly as satisfying, if you ask me.

In addition to a neat deconstruction job they have also put up plastic barriers to keep dust and dirt out of the rest of the downstairs. Emma loved the new look, calling the now-empty kitchen her ballroom. Princess Emma and Prince Henry spent much of the evening dancing and parading through the house.

One thing that immediately struck Marla after having the cabinets removed was just how small the kitchen seemed. I expected that the room would feel larger. We do, after all, now have an extra 2 feet in each direction of “usable” floor space. Maybe the extra tall cabinet doors made the room feel taller that it really was?

We have another two days of demolition scheduled before they begin roughing in plumbling, electrical and cabinetry. If they did this in four hours I can’t imagine what we’ll be looking at after 16 more!

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