And So It Begins…

When we moved in in 2001 we lived with original appliances for a few months before we just couldn’t take it anymore and replaced them with newer, though still “budget”, appliances. Tomorrow we begin the nearly two month project of bringing our 16 year old kitchen into the modern era. Our garage is now half full of stuff other than cars as we took delivery earlier in the week of our new kitchen cabinets.

The current cabinetry is awful builder stock, built on-site using the cheapest materials possible. Shelves were nailed straight to the wall, drawer faces attached with staples… absolute bare minimum of quality. We had it painted in 2003 to buy us a few more years cosmetically. Money well spent, to be sure, but we still have lots of dead space. In a small kitchen like ours (~ 10′ x 10′) every inch counts!

The pantry will be demolished and half of the adjacent wall removed, opening up the kitchen to the family room a bit more. We’re also planning on taking the ceiling from 8′ up to 9′ to match the family room. We’ll finish things off with new appliances (Jenn-Air all around) and then replace the well-worn, stained carpet with bamboo throughout the downstairs.

Here are some “before” pictures after we’d cleaned out all of the cabinets and pantry. Keep an eye out for progress reports as the project advances.

3 thoughts on “And So It Begins…

  1. Just curious, -I noticed the peanut butter, too. I thought that Peter Pan hasn’t been back on the shelves since the Samonella outbreak earlier this year.

    Jonah loved Peter Pan too (he picked it out when he was a toddler because it had the “gold best taste seal” on the jar), but we had to change to JIF after the scare. We haven’t seen Peter Pan back on the local Publix shelves. Just wondering where you import it from.

  2. See, the crunch vs. creamy peanut butter thing has been a constant source of marital strife for us. I like crunchy, but Geralyn thinks that having TWO different kinds of peanut butter in the house at once will get us deported or something. She flat out refuses to buy the crunchy stuff.

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