Annual Pink Pig Pilgramage

Opening up this set are some adorable pictures of the kids in their PJs in matching rocking chairs. One of the chairs was my mother’s when she was a child. I suppose that makes it a family heirloom? The other? My brother and I discovered it at the dump and just had to bring it home.

Does that make it a family heirloom, too?

During our visit we were able to watch my mother sing with “The Notables.” This group of notable ladies sing at nursing homes, hospitals and other places around town several times per month. You can’t tell from the photos but the crowd really got into it and loved the attention… as well as the presence of two children who had lusciously pinchable cheeks!

Finally, if it is Thanksgiving and we’re in Atlanta that can only mean one thing… our annual visit to the Pink Pig! New visitor? Read more about the Pink Pig and feel the magic.

Emma and Henry had a good time riding the Pig, though Henry did seem to think it was a little loud. Emma was old enough to ride by herself this year. Quite a step up in the world!

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