The Great Cousin Bonanza

We went to Georgia this year for an extended vacation before and after Thanksgiving. The kids, as always, traveled well. They love to fly. It’s almost as much fun for them just going to the airport and being on the plane as it is actually getting to the destination.

The first weekend we were there my cousin’s family came down to visit, as did my brother’s family. Emma and Henry had 4 other little cousins to run around play with during an unusually warm November afternoon. With Maggie and Ben as the oldest, Emma and Henry squarely in the middle, and Bailey and Madison bringing up the young end we had ages 9 to 2 well represented.

A few things to observe and ponder:

  • Look for a bruise on Henry’s forehead in later pictures from the trip. He knocked himself in the head with “the digger.”
  • I caught Ben floating in the air as he skipped down the stairs.
  • Is Maggie having a good time or totally terrified?
  • Will video games rot Emma’s brains or lead to a promising career in a red hot industry?

We would see Paul, Jessica and their girls again later in the trip. Look for a visit to Broad River Bison, more Pink Pig and more holiday fun over the next few days.

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