End of the Trip

All good things must come to an end and so, too, did our trip to Georgia for Thanksgiving. Not before we were able to take in a few more sights and visit some old friends, though!

Once back in Marietta we visited the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History in lovely downtown Kennesaw. I hadn’t been to see The General since I was in school years ago so it was fun to head back and see how the museum had changed and introduce it to Emma and Henry, too.

While there we also took in an exhibit on Civil War era photography and watched a rifle demonstration. (We’d seen one a few years ago at Kennesaw Mountain by the 45th Alabama.) Can you tell by Henry’s expression when that took place?

We also had the chance to see our good friends the Ledfords, as well as David and Mary Ellen and their new boy Denver.

We ended the trip with a fun family gathering at my brother’s place where we tried and tried (and tried) to get a big family photo. Which is your favorite? I’m trying to decide which to get printed large and can’t seem to decide which one it should be.

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