Biking in O’Neill Park

We had a nice, wet January and February and the spring was gorgeous. Lush green on all of the hills and flowers popping out all over. Henry, Emma and I went on a bike ride across the street in O’Neill Park at the end of Mach, just as the wildflowers were nearing their peak bloom.

We took a little detour from the paved trail and tried our hands (or legs, as it were) with riding bikes in the dirt. While Emma managed just fine on her bike Henry, still with training wheels, had a tough time. Back to the pavement we went.

We stopped every two or three feet so the kids could look at a flower, lady bug or even just a stick. It probably took us a good hour to travel half of a mile but the adventure was well worth it.

One thought on “Biking in O’Neill Park

  1. Wow! Pictures are beautiful. Guess I need to go ahead and fill out your app for NG. Looks like the kids are having fun too. Got to get Emma a pedicure next time I’m out!!

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