First Day of First Grade

Just after Labor Day Emma embarked on her latest adventure: first grade. She was very excited about it, having talked all summer long about all of the wonderful things she was destined to learn.

With Cora being brand new the task of back-to-school shopping fell on my shoulders. Emma, Henry and I went to the mall on weekend and searched for some suitable outfits. Somehow, we came back home with fancy pink plaid dresses and matching boots. What a shocker!

The first day arrived and we decided on a more tame outfit, the swirly blue and purple dress you see here. The boots would make their debut later.

We’re lucky enough to live within walking distance of the school so we make the short trek to school each morning. Emma and Henry stayed close by and chatted excitedly on the way up. Once we arrived we stood in line with her classmates until the bell rang and the teacher called us in.

While some children clung to their parents in fear, others broke down in tears, sobbing uncontrollably. Emma, on the other hand, barely glanced back and waved.

“You can go now Daddy!”

And with that, our little girl was off.

One thought on “First Day of First Grade

  1. Aw, great shots. You sure have that girl trained to strike a pose for the camera. It’s like she’s doing a cover shoot.

    I imagine Sam will also have no problems when the time comes. As long as there’s someone to give her attention, she’s fine. I imagine it would actually be harder to get her to go shopping for clothes.

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