Kindergarten Ends

In early June Emma wrapped up her Kindergarten career with a few exciting events. First was an “art show” where the kids showed off all of the artwork they’d created throughout the year.

The teacher, Mrs. Gustufson, had assembled a giant book of their assignments. It was pretty amazing to see what changes had taken place in the kids over the short span of the nine month school year. Handwriting and art skills improved, stories became more complex and vocabularies expanded.

The final event of the school year was the kids’ very first field trip. Emma was so excited. Not only did she get to leave school and go on an adventure without Mommy and Daddy, but she got to do so on the big yellow school bus! You can see from the photos that she was nearly beside herself with glee.

June was also a month for babies. First was Emma, Marla and Henry meeting Ethan Vonderhaar for the first time. Emma looked at this as a warm-up for when her own new baby would arrive. She was delighted to hold Ethan.

Lastly we had a family of baby hummingbirds that grew up right outside our door. They’re long gone but the nest remains. I’d love to take it down but I’m hoping it might be reused next year and I’ll start the photo history earlier!

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