Emma has joined The Brownies this year at school and, unlike her experience with blah, she seems to be enjoying herself. There are no protest signs this time around and she looks forward to each meeting.

She continues to love school, including both reading and math. Just last week they had a short math quiz where they had to finish as many problems as possible in two minutes. She’d completed 24 out of 40 questions in 2 minutes. I was impressed but apparently the teacher was not.

When I asked how many she should have done the response was simple:

“Impossible!” she said, complete with index finger pointing straight up. “Can’t be done!”

I had to work hard to maintain a straight face as she repeated how it was inconceivable that all 40 questions could be answered in so short a time. We’ll have to practice a bit more to see if we can get that time down.

Speaking of time, it seems to fly faster and faster. It really feels like just yesterday that I was posting news about our impending 3rd child… and here we are already near Thanksgiving! There are some shots in this short set from a month ago, where Cora is first starting to “play.” Henry is a loving, if rough, big brother and is always eager to play.

I’ll have pictures up later in the week with Cora’s first smiles and – hopefully – some video clips of her first giggles!

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